G Herbo Links With Young Sizzle On “Actions”

Sizzle AKA Southside raps and produces on this Herb-assisted track from “Trap Ye Season 2.”

Though there is a growing stable of rapper-producers, there still aren’t that many people who can do both well. Kanye West is one of the names who is often mentioned as one of the greats to both emcee and make beats, and Southside is looking to make a similar impact, but on the trap side of things. Trap Ye Season 2is the second tape in which Southside, who goes by Young Sizzle as a vocalist, has pushed to be considered the Kanye of the south.

On “Actions,” the second track from the project, he’s teamed with a rapper from Ye’s hometown, G Herbo, who has made some great songs over Southside’s beats in the past. As rappers, they’re a force to be reckoned with, each representing the hardest, most uncompromising street rap each of their regions have to offer. As he has tended to do over the last year, Southside provides a flute-like sample with some heavy 808s, but its the furious rapping that’s really the central focus here.



Source: HotNewHipHop

Featured Image: Patch

Inset Image: Apple Music

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