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Russell Westbrook has dropped a new pair of Jordans!!

NBA superstar Russell Westbrook‘s mantra is apparently “Why not?” So that ethos is etched into the design of his first proper signature performance sneaker, the Jordan Why Not Zer0.1.

Brodie has been the face the Air Jordan line, but now he’s finally got his own on-court shoe.

Westbrook’s main desire was “forefoot containment” since he always plays on his toes and the Jordan Why Not Zer0.1. does that with a smooth vamp to hold him down. Then there’s top of the line tech like a fused mesh upper, full-length Zoom Air unit and a compression-molded pylon foam piece made for high flying players.

“The biggest part is the amount of comfort and security the shoe provides,” said Westbrook via a press statement. “It allows me to move and jump at a fast pace, something that I think is very, very important.”

Westbrook already rocked the Mirror Image colorway— its design is a homage to a room full of posters— on the court.

“As a kid growing up in LA and standing in line to get other people’s shoes, you become aware of how fortunate you are to get sneakers,” said Westbrook via a press statement. “To be able to sit here now and hold my own shoe is an honor.”

The Why Not Zer0.1 drops January 15 with limited quantities of the Mirror Image colorway while the black and white “The 2-Way” colorway is out February 15. If you want to cop, it’ll cost $125 for a pair.

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