‘He brainwashed her’: Bail bondsman, 44, who married his wife’s 18-year-old DAUGHTER and then her sent pictures of them having sex admits bigamy

  • Christopher I. Hauptmann, 44, of Pennsylvania pleaded no contest to charges including bigamy, forgery and owning a firearm as a felon Thursday
  • Hauptmann married Shannon Deitrich in 2015 and Kaylee Durovick in 2016
  • Deitrich left Hauptmann several month after their marriage 
  • Durovick, his stepdaughter, had just turned 18 when Hauptmann married her 

A Pennsylvania man who married a woman — and then married her daughter a year later — has pleaded no contest to charges of bigamy.

Christopher I. Hauptmann, 44, of Shamokin, Pennsylvania, married Shannon Deitrich in 2015. Without first getting a divorce, Hauptmann married Deitrich’s daughter, Kaylee Durovick, who was 18 years old at the time, in 2016.

Hauptmann was in court on Thursday, pleading no contest to charges of bigamy, forgery, unsworn falsification to authorities and owning a firearm as a felon. He was scheduled to stand trial the next week, according to PennLive.

By pleading no contest, Hauptmann conceded that there was enough evidence to find him guilty of the charges, however he did not admit that he was actually guilty of the charges.

The Northumberland County Court judge sentenced Hauptman to a jail sentence of a minimum 364 days and a maximum of 729 days. In addition, he will be on probation for 10 years.

Hauptmann, a former bail bondsman, received credit for the 332 days he has already served in jail, while unable to post his own $410,000 bail.

As part of the plea, Hauptmann is prohibited from having any contact with Deitrich, who he had married in Florida in November 2015, gaining stepdaughter Durovick in the process.

Deitrich left Hauptmann several months after their marriage. In September 2016, less than a month after Durovick’s 18th birthday, Hauptmann married his stepdaughter, neglecting to first divorce Deitrich.

According to previous reports, Deitrich had said that Hauptmann and Durovick taunted her about their relationship and that Hauptmann had sent her photographs of the pair having sex. Deitrich also said that she believed the affair began while Hauptmann was living with her and her daughter, although Deitrich said she had been unaware of their relationship when she left him.

Deitrich claimed Hauptmann forced Durovick to dye her hair blonde to resemble Deitrich and said he ‘brainwashed’ her daughter.

Deitrich left Hauptmann for reasons that were not related to his relationship with Durovick.

Hauptmann and Durovick are still together and co-owned PA Bail and Recovery in Coal Township, Pennsylvania, according to The Daily Item.

Hauptmann’s bail bondsman license has since been revoked and he is prohibited from owning a firearm for the rest of his life, The News-Item reports.

Hauptmann’s plea deal covered charges of forgery and tampering with public records. He was accused of having used false documents to apply for a new Social Security number in 2010, while using what is said to be his real last name, Buckley. Authorities said that fingerprints for Hauptmann matched those of Buckley.

Hauptmann is still facing charges related to a 2011 purchase of a rifle, shotgun and pistol at a gun shop, when he allegedly answered ‘no’ to the question of whether he had been convicted of a felony on Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms paperwork.

Hauptmann has a felony drug conviction in New Jersey under the name Buckley and, therefore, is not legally allowed to possess a firearm.

Hauptmann still faces additional charges involving illegal possession of a firearm, tampering with public records and unsworn falsification in Schuylkill County, which were not covered by his no contest plea.


Source: Daily Mail UK

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