Nice Try Tamartians! Laura Govan Further Explains Why She’d Never Smash Serial Mouth-Breather Vince

After already denying any involvement with Vincent Herbert, Laura Govan is doubling down on her statement. As previously reported Laura called in to “The Breakfast Club” and told them that Vince is far from her type.

“I don’t even know Vince like that, I think he’s a great guy but he’s so not my type,” said Laura who’s currently in a secret swirly relationship. “I like em a lighter, a little whiter.”

She also added that the affair rumors are 100% false.

Now Laura’s reaffirming that message on E! Online’s “The Daily Pop.” She appeared on the program Wednesday and told the hosts that rumors of her being pregnant are “funny” but rumors that she’s the woman Vince cheated with are no laughing matter.

“That part is laughable, but the rest isn’t,” said Laura. “You know at first it’s like, ‘Is this a joke?’ Because I literally woke up to something that is just not true and I was thinking, ‘I’ve worked so hard to get away from certain stigmas and all the drama from before. […]
“It’s just [that] nothing is true and it’s so hard for me to not go in…”

Laura added that she “can’t fight the world” and she’s learning to stay focused on her work and her The Sac podcast.

Oh, and as far as why her name was brought up in the drama, Laura has an inkling as to why but can’t speak on it for legal reasons.

“I have an idea why [I was brought up] but it’s something I can’t discuss litigation wise,” said the reality star.

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