Keeping it Real: What You Can and Can’t Do Since Recreational Pot is Now Legal in Cali

*A lot of folks have been waiting for Prop 64 ( the Adult Use of Marijuana Act) to pass…for a long time, here in California. And on January 1, 2018, it did. Recreational marijuana is now legal. People were lined up for hours before the 6 a.m. opening of an Oakland dispensary, and once inside, cash registers were clicking and clanging like crazy with folks spending hundreds of dollars on weed. One customer even walked out with $1,000 worth in a large grocery bag, according to the New York Times. But real talk, the very last thing gleeful marijuana users should do is lose their damn mind. There are still a lot of gray areas in the crevices of this new law.

Old heads’ probably won’t turn too much; after all, they’ve been doing their thing for quite some time now and the new laws won’t make much of a difference to them. But for those we suddenly see riding on the freeway, with clouds of smoke sifting out of the driver’s side window, you might want to slow your roll buddy.

Cops have their eyes peeled for folks just like you. Those in their own world; weaving in and out of traffic without signaling. The unofficial race car drivers. Yes, you’ll soon see just how invincible you’re not.

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