Joe Budden Speaks Candidly On Nicki Minaj: ‘She Has Exhibited A Lot Of F**king Trash’


Budden teams up with Charlamagne to critique Nicki Minaj’s year in the culture.

This year is finally coming to an end. But before the ball drops, Joe Budden and Charlamagne Tha God are rounding up lists of the dopest and most “trash” artists of 2017. And while the controversial personalities disagreed on a few names, the two unanimously voted that Nicki Minaj’s year was “f**king trash.” The two discussed why Nicki was thrown into the rubbish pile on a new segment for REVOLT.

When the two arrived at Nicki’s name, Joe Budden dived into the discussion, throwing out various jabs. “Nicki has to go on the trash list. She is high on the trash list,” Budden declared. “She has exhibited a lot of f**king trash this year, and I’m not talking about music.”

Charlamagne also chimed in, stating that Nicki’s music was sub par in comparison to past years. “I can’t remember the last time I saw a superstar of Nicki’s caliber put out three singles at the same time,” the radio host said. “The ‘No Frauds’ record had the iHeartRadio stimulus package… She had Wayne and Drake on the Record. That record didn’t go. She had another record with Wayne, that record didn’t go. She had a third record, I don’t even know what went wrong with that.”

The former “Everyday Struggle” co-host also hopped back in the mix to offer a message to the “Rake It Up” artist. Budden has previously thrown shots at the Queens rapper, but he assured fans that it’s nothing personal. “Nicki, I know you’re watching this. You watch everything. I know you’re a little sensitive and I know you think I have an issue with you,” he said directly into the camera. “I don’t have an issue with Nicki Minaj, except for you cannot post your accolades on Instagram every day for the year. I’m going to call you trash if you have to consistently tell us… Nicki Minaj is a superstar. You cannot have 90 million Instagram followers and put out three records and none of them catch. I don’t give a f**k about your accolades.”

While Budden and Charlamagne commended Nicki on her featured verses on Yo Gotti’s “Rake It Up” and Migos’ “Motor Sport,” they suggested that both singles were released way too late in the game to save her from an otherwise dull year. “This is how you know you trash. We in the year of women and you trash,” Budden added.

Check out their full comments regarding Nicki around the 57-minute mark in the video below.



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