Former MLB player confesses to having sex between innings!

Darryl Strawberry says his sex addiction was so bad during his MLB days … he would take chicks into the clubhouse and nail ’em between innings.

The ex-NY Mets star opened up to Dr. Oz (the full interview airs Thursday) and said he used to get away with it because teammates would cover for him when he would go MIA.

“It was pretty crazy,” Strawberry says … “I would go between innings, and stuff like that and run back and have a little party going on.”

Strawberry has since sought treatment for his addictions and says he’s a changed man — noting that his old behavior is “not good for anyone.”

Additionally, Strawberry says he’s reached out to Lamar Odom to see if he can help the ex-NBA star in his battle with substance abuse.


Source: TMZ.com

Featured Image: Patch

Inset Image: TMZ.com

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